VT Legislature Passes GMO Labeling Bill

The Vermont Legislature has passed a GMO labeling bill. The bill now awaits Governor Peter Shumlin’s signature. He’s expected to sign the legislation. When he does, Vermont will be the first state to have a GMO labeling law.


CVS is Coming to Colchester, VT

CVS is Coming to Colchester, VT

According to Colchester Clerk’s Office, the former Friendly’s building is going to be the home of a CVS Pharmacy. The pharmacy, located across from Shaw’s in Colchester, will have a drive-thru window.

The pharmacy is expected to open sometime in November.

The plan was approved in December.

Easter Candy

Easter Candy

Happy Easter! Check out some of this Easter Candy!

“Sometimes we do get three clear victories, but because it took a while or because no one was sure what victory consisted of, hardly anyone realizes a celebration is in order, or sometimes even notices. We get more victories than anyone imagines, but they are usually indirect, incomplete, slow to arrive, and situations where our influence can be assumed but not proven — and yet each of them is worth counting.”

- Rebecca Solnit on revolutions

AWE Inspiring Easter Egg Art

Artist Barak Hardley creates some amazing Easter egg art of characters and celebrities!

Post some of your easter egg designs.

Hello Spring, Just Kidding

Hello Spring, Just Kidding

80 one day, snowing the next. Only in Vermont. Look at my snowy car this morning. It was a balmy 29 degrees!

Social Networks and Technology Making Us More Lonely

Social networks and technology are making us more lonely. Not only that, but they’re changing how we communicate with each other.

The connectively illusion of the internet makes it seem like you’re connected, but in reality you’re not. The video provides some insights on how technology and social media is affecting our interaction with one another.

A Brief History of Income Taxes

Today is tax day. If you still haven’t filed yet, you have until 11:59 p.m. to complete them.

Here’s a brief history of income taxes in the United States:

Taxes Done Right with TurboTax

80 Degrees in Burlington, VT!

It felt like summer today in the Burlington, VT area! We got up to 80 degrees. The record was 84°F set in 1968.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to last as temperatures crash into the 30s tomorrow evening.

Nespresso Columbian Coffee

Nespresso Columbian Coffee

Look what came in the mail today! Tried the Santander coffee tonight and it was awesome. Santander is an Arabica bean that delivers “distinctive toasted bread notes and provide a round texture.”

Can’t wait to try the other Columbian coffee blend Cauca which is also an Arabica bean. Cauca “highlights the genuine fruity-winey aromas and juicy taste.”